Saturday, January 31, 2009

Today we went to HELL!!!

This is Summer! Or should i say sinner considering we went to hell today! Dont worry all our young freinds. Its a city im not swearing! Anyways, Here are some pictures of Hell. I had so much fun saying it 2day and not getting in trouble :) 2night we went to a concert with this old geezer and this drunk cowboy on stage. My mom is laughing soooo hard as i write this. Anyways, telling from the pictures, You dont wanna go to hell man... or woman... whatever the point is its a bad place. C ya l8r!

Friday, January 30, 2009

We're Here!!!!

After all that packing and all of those tears, we have finally arrived in our new island home!!! Many thanks to all of our wonderful family and friends who helped ship us out--literally. We couldn't have done it without your muscle and support. You are all amazing and we miss you TERRIBLY. Come visit.
This is a picture of Holly & Summer running for the beach the moment we arrived at the condo. We came here directly from the airport and as planned they ran for the water with their clothes on :) I came here with my boots on, kicked them off when I got here and I'm enjoying bare feet and flip flops. The dry cracked skin of winter is healing, pony tails are required and makeup feels out of place. Easy living at its finest.
I finally drove a european car with the steering wheel on the right. Believe it or not, it makes it a little easier to drive on the left when you steer from the right.
Caymanians are wonderful people. We can't get enough of the British accents and all of the polite ways we are addressed. Everything is "ma'am" or "miss". School starts on Monday for the girls. They need to make friends. They are lonely and homesick. Holly especially.
I'll post a pic of them in uniform on first day of school.
Please keep in touch.
Much love!