Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas in Cayman

My gorgeous girls are growing up!!

Summer jumping for joy in her Christmas P.J.'s. We have enjoyed this beautiful tree all season right below our balcony :) Yes the girls ran outside to take the pic on Christmas Eve. Loved having Carli here with us. Wish everyone could have come :(
Family fun Christmas Day--went to see Blind Side-- great movie :)
Dolphin Cove with our new friends the Beck Family from Highland, Utah

Palm trees swaying, steel drums playing, must be Christmas in Cayman!!! They brought in snow making machines and placed them near our balcony--looked pretty authentic until we walked outside into 86 degrees (see video.) We stayed inside, cranked up the AC and cozied in our jammies when we needed a winter fix, did our traditional jigsaw puzzle then spent most of our time at the beach!! We are all nice and brown this Christmas--and some of us could give Rudolph a run for his money because they did not obey mother and sunblock!!! We've had fun making new friends this season but we're still missing our dear family and friends back home. We wish you all a very prosperous and Happy 2010!!! We have three new grandchildren in 2010 on their way. 1st up is Robert Grayson Bourne due Jan. 11 followed by Camden Brown due Feb. 24th and our mystery baby in June will make Baby Eddie a big brother!