Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Go Holly & Summer!!!

Report cards came out yestserday and Holly & Summer came through with flying colors. Just wanted to say congrats to them for all of their hard work in this difficult school!! All of those hours of homework have paid off. WAY TO GO GIRLS!! You have taken on this challenge even though you would rather be in Utah with your friends and family. We are so proud of you for giving it your best. We love you--and baby eddie does too!!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Back on Island

Back from Spring Break where we shared some milestones with our children and our beautiful grandson and had them almost all together in California--minus Bobby and Kyle :( We did see Bobby and Kyle in Utah and spent Easter with them which was wonderful. We had a nice Easter dinner together at Kelli and Kyle's in Farmington.

It was great to spend time with family and a few friends but now I miss you all even more. I think we should all live in the same cul de sac. Does that work?
Take a good look at the angel in the picture three up from the bottom. She is the one on the end holding her beautiful baby boy. That angel is Jodi and she lives in the house next to mine in Draper. She is AMAZING. She asked before we arrived if she could go in the house to "put a few things in there for us." When we arrived in Utah weary from traveling, she had air mattresses and blankets and pillows, chairs, towels, a garbage can, a television to watch dvd's on, an ihome for music, tulips in the kitchen and groceries for breakfast. Can you stand it?? She thought of everything. We love you Jodi and miss you sooooo much!

Here are some highlights of the trip--and it was a trip, not a vacation ha ha!!
As you can see from the above pics Little Eddie was the center of attention. He was passed around constantly as you can see from the pictures above and who is holding him. He is perfect. Such a good baby. I was happy to see that he had grown but still felt like a baby to me so he hadn't changed too much since Christmas. We love you little E!!!!
Eddie's Birthday:
It was fun to be with Eddie and his sweet family on his birthday. (Is it really possible I am the mother of a son who is 26?? ) Eddie and Mary and baby Eddie are thriving in the sunshine of California. They have a darling apartment in the heart of Burbank with its tree-lined streets and quaint bungalows. Eddie toured us around his office and surrounding buildings at Disney Animation Studios. What a blast. Go Eddie. We are so happy for you and Mary.
Carli Graduates:
Congrats to Carli on her graduation from AMDA. You are the bomb Carli. It was wonderful to see you light up the stage in your showcase. You are amazingly talented and you have worked so hard. It made me cry to hear your beautiful voice. We are proud of you for finishing the program with flying colors. WOW!!! You really blew us all away. Can't wait to see where your life takes you... (And this very moment you are on a plane to come visit us and we can't wait to pick you up tonight!!!)
As a side note, after visiting the States, here are a few things I am so over...
Snow and sleet in April...
Traffic jams on Freeways...
Bad movies... (Sorry Vin and Paul)
The crowds, the lines, the bad food--- @ Disneyland--don't visit the park during spring break :)

And a few things I will never get enough of...
Sharing space with my children (no matter how crowded it is)
Lunch with friends
Lone Peak
Brick Oven Pizza :)

And now I am going to nap on the beach to recover from my vacation.....

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bobby and Allie Visit Pics

Here are some pics from our fun week with Bobbison. Don't know why the top Pic from Margaritaville is so small but here you go. The other Restaurant pics are from Calypso Grill --the best restaurant in Cayman where you can get to die for sticky toffee pudding for dessert. Gotta love the sticky!!! The airborne pic of Summer is a favorite of mine. She is actually jumping off a cliff into the water at Smith's cove. She may be the spitting image of me at her age but luckily she did not inherit my fear of heights or the water. At church we said goodbye to Debbie Barnes who recently returned from her mission to Georgia. She is a wonderful, fun girl and we really miss her--she is from Jamaica and was visiting her sister here for several weeks. We miss you Debbie!! The turtle farm was a blast. It was fun that Bobby and Allison were here for Summer's school program. We realized they haven't missed for the past two years--they attended all of her Draper programs and now they even came to Cayman for this one. Pretty lucky!! The pic of Holly is because we did all of the fun things listed above while she was at Jr. Prom in Utah. Sorry Holly! We'll take you to Calypso and the turtle farm when Car comes down in April.

Next week UTAH!!! No snow please. I am ordering tulips and daffodils. Could someone make sure they are blooming before I get there?