Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Life is a Beach!

The past two days have been perfectly dreamy in my world. Not to rub it in but living on the beach really is unmatched in my book. I have never felt so at peace and at one with nature. I keep waiting for the novelty to wear off, to grow tired of the sand, the sun, the shells, the sea creatures in the crystal clear water with its many shades of blue. (It is so pure that I can see the fish and an occasional stingray swimming yards off shore while I'm walking.) The novelty has yet to wear off. The island is full of surprises--Like this morning when we walked out the door to find rain pouring from a blue sky. Within minutes the sky was dark and menacing and I was afraid my beach plans were ruined, but within the hour the weather went from torrential downpour back to blue sky with puffy white clouds. I had another surprise yesterday when I picked up my foam float that I left by my front door and found a giant crab beneath it.

There are so many ways to enjoy the beach. I jog, I sprint, I walk--ipod included. I weave in and out of the water when I get hot. I enjoy watching the cruise ships come in and the crowds of people fill the beach. Their laughter keeps me company. I am finally starting to snorkle and I love relaxing to the rhythmic sound of my breathing and the weightlessness of my body .

My favorite past time is my float. (See picture above which is of Carli and her friend Tyler on the floats.) I float on a foam mat and listen to the wind and the waves as I bob lazily along the shore drifiting wherever the current takes me. Yesterday the sun went behind a cloud and I looked up at the sky and could not believe its beauty. It was a great color of blue framed in an arc of puffy white clouds with the sunlight shooting out from behind them. It was one of those moments when you look at something and it's like you're seeing it for the first time. It's a great feeling to be fully present in the moment. I floated past a palm tree where a bird was singing a beautiful melody and thought to myself, "This is perfect." For the first time in my life, I am outside more than I am in and I feel so content!! I want for nothing.

Nirvana: An ideal condition of rest, harmony, stability or joy. I'm feeling it!!

When the sun goes down, after I soak in the visual feast of the sunset, I actually feel sad that my playground is closed for the day. Some people work their whole lives to end up in a place like this. I can't believe we get to be here before we retire! What a dream.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Our beautiful Allison graduated from the University of Utah last week with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Honors to boot! We are so proud of her for a job well done and a HUGE lifetime achievement. We love you Allie and we're so happy we were there to share another special day with you.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fun With Carli!!

Here are a few pics from the past few days with Carli! She is staying another couple of weeks which makes us all very happy. What's a trip to Cayman without visiting Rum Point, Calypso Grill & Snorkeling, the blowhole & Stingray City? Stingray's have powerful suction. If you don't believe it ask Carli who got mistaken for a piece of squid and the stingray drew blood. What are the chances?? Enjoy!