Saturday, June 13, 2009

Friends :)

We had a wonderful visit with Dave and Julie O'Leary and all of their children last month. Thanks to the swine flu scare in Mexico at the time, they opted out of Cancun and came to Cayman--lucky for us.

We also loved having the McKells who visited the month before the O'Learys and brought along three of their children. We have been friends with Brad and Renae since BYU. Such fun history. Sorry we didn't take more pics with the McKells.

You know the friends that feel like family? The ones that no matter how long you've been apart you just pick right up with them? That's how it is with these friends. Such a treat to make some memories with friends here in this beautiful place. We love visitors :) Especially when they bring teenagers from Utah--makes Holly feel like she's a little closer to home.