Friday, September 25, 2009

Summer turns 12

Summer turned 12 and had a blast celebrating with her Utah friends & family. Love you Summie. You are growing into such a beautiful young woman. The party included skating, laser tag, pizza and a private party room with a dj booth complete with music videos. It was a lot of fun!

Summer, Carli & Holly doing their sister dance to "Hot & Cold" in the dj room!

Gorgeous Grampp Girls Allison & Carli (Allison arrived from Minneapolis earlier that week--yeah!!)
Summer, Aspen, Amanda & Abbie

Aspen and Summer in the DJ booth

Summer and Amanda

Abbie and Summer in skates

The whole gang!

Holly & Ed (Ed arrived in Utah in time for the party!!) Notice something different about Holly? She went back to blonde over the Summer. She is a blonde babe once again!

Anisa, Abbie, Summer & Jordan (our good friends drove all the way from St. George to party!)

Earlier in the week I went to lunch @ CPK with Allie & Kelli my beautiful (pregnant!!) daughters.

I was out for a jog during the balloon fest in Sandy and happened to have a camera in the car. This picture doesn't do the magical moment justice. The balloons were closer and more vibrant than they appear in this picture. Later, I ended up jogging by the spot where they were all landing. It was a lot of fun!

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