Saturday, October 3, 2009

Boys Are Taking Over!!

After a teary goodbye to Grandma Grampp we drove 6 hours to California where we had a joyful reunion with Eddie, Mary and Baby E!!! What a treat. He is sooooo precious. I love our pics of him, he is so photogenic. He is seriously the best baby. He loved sitting on my lap while I read him "Goodnight Moon." He will turn one this month. While we're on the subject of grandsons, I am delighted to share that we are going to be blessed with two more in early 2010. Allie and Bobby are having little Grayson in early January and Kelli and Kyle are having little Camden the end of February. We girls may have to fight for chick flicks--up until now we have ruled. We are all so excited. What fun families are!!!

Reading "Goodnight Moon" How cute is that?
Now that's a pizza!
Aunt Kelli's practicing!! She was such a good sport to drive all that way to see little E.
Cheerio time :)

All Giggles!
Aunt Allison and her baby bump!!
This one is my favorite. Grandpa and his boy!
That was yummy Aunt Summie! Give me some more of that lollipop :)
Having fun eating out. Yes baby Eddie does have parents--sorry I didn't take more pics of them but Mary and Eddie are in this one!
Here we are with our boy. We wanted to bring him home with us he is such a cuddle bug!


  1. Oh Denet, these pictures of our baby cakes are so PRECIOUS!!! I love love love the one of him laughing and holding his little ball!!! He really is beautiful :) I'm going to have to steal some of these pics! As Eddie told you the other day, we are hoping for Feb/March to get there, we are so sad about Christmas because we were planning on it, but we know that you understand everything :) We miss you all, and love you!

  2. I know--I absolutely love him and so does the camera!! I love the pic of him with Ed. I printed and framed it so that I look at him every day when I wake up :) Tell him we love him. Summie misses him--she talks about him alot. I think the pic with the lollipop is cute too! Love you.