Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fun with Family in Arizona

Day 2 of our road trip found us in Scottsdale Arizona with Grandma Grampp. We had a lovely visit with her. We miss her. She is amazing! Still going strong and independent @ 93. I want to be just like her when I grow up!!

Mother and Son :) Such a sweet picture. Vesta looks great!!
The Grampp Girls--minus Carli and Holly who stayed home from the road trip to work & play.

Nephews Clayton, Brian & some of their kids :)
Summer was feeling under the weather, we took her to the doctor before we left to make sure she didn't have an infection before we hit the road again. She told the doctor., "My 93 year old grandmother keeps taking my temperature with an old school thermometer." The doctor said "Mercury?" Summer answered "Yes!" He laughed and asked me if Grandma was really 93. When I confirmed that all of the above was true he told Summer that meant good DNA for her!
Actually, grandma said she enjoyed taking care of us and serving us--it gave her purpose. We love and appreciate her example and influence in our lives.
Alan and Ed jammin on the guitar
Visiting with Robyn and Chelsea

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