Monday, October 26, 2009

Holly turns 18!

Birthday Dinner @ Agave-- Holly's favorite! Olivia joined us.

Holly turned 18 on October 21st! She feels like an adult now but I feel like she is still my baby. Happy B-Day baby! We spent the weekend before her birthday in Miami shopping and she got some fun stuff including a pair of red high heels. Go Holly!


  1. This post makes me miss Cayman (and your family!). I LOOOOOOVE Agave.

    How fun for you to go to Miami. Too bad that never worked out when I was there. :( Remember how determined we were to get cheap flights to take a shopping trip?

    Don't worry about the recipe. I don't need the actual recipe, just the name of the cookbook (didn't the restaurant tell you the name of the cookbook or the chef or something?). No rush. I need to get together with your cute daughters out here. We are so close, yet it's so hard to plan something with busy lives!

    Miss you guys tons. You all look gorgeous, as usual.

  2. Happy birthday Holly!! I still can't believe all these cute Grampp girls growing up, getting married, and now having babies! Life is so fun!!!